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Need a Hand With Heavy Lifting?

Learn about our furniture delivery and piano moving services in Manassas, VA

Do you have oversized or fragile items in your house that you don't trust your friends to move? Don't try to move them yourself-invest in specialty moving services from On The Move Movers. Our skilled movers have the tools and training needed to move items of all shapes and sizes out of your house without damaging your home or belongings.

Need help getting new furniture or appliances to your home? We also offer furniture delivery services in the Manassas, VA area.

For a free estimate on specialty moving or furniture delivery service, call On The Move Movers now at 571-292-7285.

Types of items we move

Moving awkward, oversized items in and out of your house has never been easier thanks to On The Move Movers. We're home to one of the top piano moving teams in the in Manassas, VA area. That's not all we can move, though. You can also hire us to move:

Pool tables
Washers and dryers
Water beds

Our furniture and piano moving pros will work hard to ensure all of your belongings are moved quickly and safely. Contact On The Move Movers today to schedule your move.

Don't move large items yourself

Trying to move heavy items, even just around your house, can result in serious injuries. Leave the heavy-duty lifting and furniture delivery to the professionals at On The Move Movers. Our crew in Manassas, VA can move all sorts of heavy items, including pianos, appliances and large furniture. Whether you're moving something across town or across your home, our specialty moving team can help.

We offer furniture delivery for oversized pieces. Our piano moving team will use special covers and equipment to make sure your instrument arrives safely.

Store items in a safe, secure location

In addition to our specialty moving service, On The Move Movers also offers on-site storage services. You can use a storage unit to:

  • Relocate unused furniture
  • Safeguard antiques
  • Store your belongings between moves
  • Keep items after downsizing
All our storage units are protected by a top-tier security system. Contact our office in Manassas, VA now to reserve your storage space.